A curated list of some of my favorite articles and case studies on finance, entrepreneurship, strategy, governance and ethics.



Entrepreneurial and Small Business Finance:

New Venture Financing, HBS 9-802-131

Funding New Ventures: Valuation, Financing, HBS 9-806-058

Deal Structure and Deal Terms, HBS 9-806-085

A Note on Valuation in Entrepreneurial Ventures, HBS 9-298-082

SpiffyTerm, Inc., SM86

Neverfail Computing, BAB069

Zipcar: Refining the Business Model, HBS 9-803-096

Term Sheet Negotiations for Trendsetter, Inc., HBS 9-801-358

Walnut Venture Associates (A), HBS 9-899-062

Walnut Venture Associates (B), HBS 9-899-063

Walnut Venture Associates (C), HBS 9-899-064

Walnut Venture Associates (D), HBS 9-899-097

Corporate Finance:
International Business Corporation (A), HBS 9-100-032
Financial Management: Theory and Practice, 13th ed., Brigham and Ehrhardt

Organic Profit:

Bridge the Gap Between Strategy and Tactics with Magic Matrix, HBS 9-999-008

The Magic Matrix: Products and Accounts, HBS 588006

Understanding Costs:

Salem Telephone Company, HBS 5-104-088

Forecasting and Valuation:

United Parcel Service’s IPO, HBS 9-103-015

Diversification, CAPM and the Cost of Equity, HBS 9-276-183

Corporate Valuation and Market Multiples, HBS 9-206-039

Strategic Transactions:

Marriott Corporation (A), HBS 9-394-085 & Rent-A-Holiday, HBS 9-800-334


Ethics and Governance

Managing Oneself, HBR 0501K

Tone at the Top: An Ethics Code for Directors, JO Business Ethics, 58

How Well-Run Boards Make Decisions, HBR 84 (11)

Food Lion, Cases StratMgmt

Why Good Companies Go Bad, HBR OnPoint 4320

Enron, IMD164

Financial Reporting at Molex, Inc. (A), HBS 9-105-082



Introduction to Strategy

Hitt, Ireland and Hoskisson, Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization (9th Edition), ISBN 0538753099.

Robin Hood, Case 22

Building Your Company’s Vision, HBR 96501

What is Strategy, HBR 96608

The External Environment

How Industries Change, HBR 0410E

The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, HBR 0801E

Chinese Fireworks Industry, Ivey 99M031

The Internal Environment

Competing on Capabilities: The New Rules, HBS 92209

Starbucks, Ivey 98M006

Strategy Formulation Introduction

Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?, HBR 0804E

Are You Sure You Have a Strategy?, AOME, 2001, 15:4

Netflix, HBS 9-607-138

Differentiation and Diversification

To Diversify or Not to Diversify. HBS 97608

Discovering New Points of Differentiation, HBS 97408

From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy, HBR 87307

Diversification Strategy, HBS 382129

Pepsico’s Bid, HBS 9-209-071

Online Restaurant Promotions, HBS 9-909-034

Strategic Transactions and Mature Markets

When to Walk Away from a Deal, HBR 0404F

Strategy as Revolution, HBS 96405

Rules to Acquire By, HBR 0709J

Revitalize Mature Co., HBS 9-999-015

Global Strategy

When You Shouldn’t Go Global, HB R0812E

Managing Differences, HBR 0703C

Go Global or No, HBR 0106A

L’Oreal, HBS 9-805-086

Strategy in Dynamic Markets

The Discipline of Innovation, HBR 0208F

Shaping Strategy in a World of Constant Disruption, HBR 0810E

The Quest for Resilience, HBS OnPoint 4910

Value Innovation: a leap into the blue ocean, JO Business Strategy (26) 4

Apple, HBS 9-708-480

Strategic Execution

Turning Goals into Results, HBS 3960

Strategic Intent, HBR 0507N

Using the Balanced Scorecard, HBR 0707M

The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution, HBR 0806C

Understanding Power in Organizations, California Mgmt Review, Winter 1992

Structure is not Organization, McKinsey Quarterly, Summer 1980

On the Folly of Rewarding A, While Hoping for B, AOMJ 18(4):769-783.

The Best-Laid Incentive Plans, HBR 0301A

Seven Ways to Fail Big, HBR 0809F

Creating Competitive Disadvantage, AOME, 1999, 13:3

Strategy and Society, HBR R0612D